My favourite things that have lasted forever and ever and ever and ever so far: coffee mug

Posted by sarah Lazarovic on


I've used a whole bunch of different travel mugs in my day, but for the past year I abstained from all takeaway cups and used only my trusty KeepCup. This mug did not disappoint. It's light, durable, easy to clean and warm to the touch.

I feel like someday we'll look back on the piles of disposable cups we used and marvel that such a practice was normalized. What I like about the KeepCup is that it's so easy to keep it my bag at all times. I've had clunky, stainless steel carafes, and they just never worked. 

I think it's best to buy directly from KeepCup if you want one of these perfect mugs, but here is my Amazon link. As well, if  you're going to buy the cup, take the "no takeaway" challenge!