A Bunch of Pretty is a shop for not shopping. The name of this shop comes from my book, A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy. The title essay is about a year I spent painting the things I coveted, instead of buying them. 

In the course of writing the book I spent a lot of time researching how and why we shop, the meaning of quality and the paucity of good quality stuff to buy. I also ate a lot of sandwiches. I really like sandwiches. 

A Bunch of Pretty is my rotating collection of handmade things. Counterintuitively, these are things to buy to help you stop buying.  

It's not impossible to stop buying things, but it can be hard. Sometimes you need visual support. And sometimes you can't help it. You want to give someone something, be it an experience, cake, or bunny rabbit. There are no bunny rabbits for sale here. But there are custom, useful, thoughtful things made to minimize waste and maximize fun for you or someone you love or like a little.