The Office of Divestment


The Office of Divestment is a customizable residency that invites patrons to engage with the idea of consumption through both group workshops and personal consultation. A small, physical office will be constructed, using recycled and found materials. Divestment counseling can take many forms. Together, the artist can help the individual create a documentation (a painting, photo, notes) of the item in question, to make the individual feel comfortable releasing it. More informally, visitors can simply come to the office for tea and discussion of why an item is hard to part with. Items dropped off at the office will be displayed and presented throughout the duration of the residency, and given away to people who might better use them. 



Covet Counselling: The artist will have office hours where patrons can either drop-in or schedule an appointment to discuss an item they covet. The artist will render a small watercolour of the object while chatting with the patron. Each consult should take anywhere between 10-20 minutes.

Divestment Counselling: Patrons may sign up to bring an item to the artist for painted cataloguing. The painting is an attempt to help patron divest of said item. Objects will then be photographed and displayed on The Office of Divestment site, where they are free to be claimed by anyone.

Workshop: Drawing Desire. A small group of 10-15 participants are invited to draw away their desires. The artist will give a short talk, and then guide participants through a series of drawing exercises. No art experience required.

Upcoming mini-residencies 

Nov 22-23, The Drake Hotel, Toronto. 10-4 PM daily, no appointment necessary.

Nov 29, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, Montreal. 5-7 PM, no appointment necessary.